From the tactile artwork adorning our walls to the organic meals, our home and methods follow effective practices for dementia and mind stimulation, as proven by research and industry experts. We are committed to bring the world's best products and practices to our home so that residents have the tools and support the need to lead a full, dignified life.

Proven, Purposeful Care

Syncare is designed to not only accommodate the needs and experiences of our residents, but to truly enrich their lives. From personalized suites to day-to-day living, our home and methods are intended to preserve our residents’ functional ability and enhance their quality of life.

Multi-sensory room

Snoezelen is world-renowned sensory stimulation personalized for your loved one. Our room is alive with colors, soothing sounds, textures and captivating scents that help reduce anxiety, enhance moods and activate the mind. The Snoezelen’s environment encourages engagement and interaction using all senses.

Brain fitness program

Our residents are provided with a clinically-tested brain fitness program that helps improve memory and strengthens focus. This powerful and proprietary brain-training protocol was designed to be enjoyable and effective. The program includes more than one hundred sophisticated and engaging exercise that integrate videos, music, graphics, cultural references, and even a sense of humor.

Daily activity

We offer daily activities that are always purposeful, proven, and fun.From laughing yoga to cognitive games to friendship building, every activity is focused and just right for each person. Our residents enjoy a personalized fidget board. Even our organic meals are beautifully presented and truly an event in themselves.

Just Like Home

Our memory care suites are designed by specialists to look and feel like home. In-depth memory assessments before move-in help our care team create spaces that are welcoming and familiar, incorporating personal photos, artwork, and treasured items that trigger happy memories.

  • Live freely
  • Live organically
  • Live happily
  • Live confidently
  • Live fully

Live freely

Soothing color palettes. Slip-resistant hardwood flooring. Glare-free touch lamps. Private suites and private bathrooms, located away from noisy common areas. Your worries are gone knowing your loved one is being cared for by a team of dedicated and compassionate staff. Coupled with proven wayfinding, visual cues (such as a bowl of fruit in the hallway which encourages residents to snack), every space is designed to help each person live with ease, familiarity and a greater sense of independence.

Live organically

International Alzheimer’s and dementia care research has found that diet plays a large role in preventing and managing memory loss. Metals and hormones found in factory-farmed, processed or sprayed foods can build up on brain matter, diluting its capacity to function and restore memory. That’s why we serve organic foods. Our meals and snacks are carefully sourced, using high-quality fresh produce. We also use specialized eating utensils and beautifully present every meal.

Live happily

Founded by a registered nurse, we know that only a team of certified experts can help your loved one live to their full potential. We take the time to discover who they are and personally match them with a dedicated caregiver. From there, our care team provide round-the-clock assistance with daily activities of living and everyday health care and medication supervision.

Live confidently

Our caregivers are experts in Alzheimer’s and dementia care, certified and rigorously trained. They are hand-picked for their character, values and dedication. Our screening process is intense with over a dozen critical factors of care. Each expert is routinely evaluated by your loved one; measured on their track record, performance and regulatory compliance; provided with ongoing training and accreditations and rewarded generously for outstanding service.

Live fully

Time to water the plants, or relax in the sensory room, or stimulate your mind with a tactile exercise. Nowhere else can your loved one experience such purposeful daily activities and outings that keep their minds engaged and their moods enhanced. We carefully plan our calendar based on each person’s likes and proven routines. The result is a finely balanced mix of social time, sensory therapy and cognitive exercises that lead to a fuller life.

Behind-the-Scenes Technology

While our caring and highly qualified staff are our residents’ best guardians, Syncare goes even further. We use the latest, most advanced technology to ensure the safety of every resident.